the rest.


I have keynoted and given presentations at all kinds of workshops and spaces. Look at my publications and blog to see the kinds of things I talk and write about.

I’ve been the co-executive director of a foundation and have supported others interested in shared leadership models.

I have co-organized a childcare collective for a community of people raising children together, organized and been a part of community gardens, have organized supper clubs and meal shares and other forms of collective resourcing. In the 1980s, before the interwebs, I was part of a team organizing a local barter economy. I’ve helped organize and been a part of worker cooperatives and other forms of local and interdependent economic structures.

I have organized and been part of holding birth rituals, coming of age rituals for young adults, and passage rituals for those who are nearing transition.

This is that page where I get to name all kinds of things because I have been in movement work and movement communities since the early 1980s. I am happy to have been in real life with real people in real time.