my work with groups.


I have done and do a range of facilitation or conflict support or cultural change work with groups of people, sometimes alone and sometimes in partnership with others. Some of the things you might ask me to do include:

  • Bringing a healing justice lens into your work. I have done this with small and mid-sized change organizations who want to sort through if and how they can make their work sustainable and if and how they can work against trauma retriggering for their people. I can do this by myself but prefer to partner. I have a number of people I partner with in this work.

  • Racial justice, economic justice, healing justice and….  I have organized curriculum and held workshops for birth workers, acupuncturists and massage therapists focused on weaving a radical justice or collective nervous system lens into their practices. I am deeply interested in doing this, and would love the opportunity to do this work, alone or in partnership, with chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, and other traditionally white-dominated and professionalized healing practice communities. If you are curious what I mean, contact me.

  • Working on culture change with historically white led organizations or with predominantly white healers. I’ve done this work solo or as one part of a multiracial team looking at shifting histories of white supremacy within organizations. For years co-led something called More than skin deep: uprooting white supremacy one cell at a time for six years. We created a constantly evolving curriculum that looked at deep accountability and cultural change for the physical carriers of white supremacy culture. I currently do this work alone or in partnership with a number of different people, locally and nationally.

  • The medical industrial complex and its connection to health and healing. I do this work with Cara Page and Anjali Taneja. If you are curious what that means, watch my website for news later in 2019.

  • Doing work on death and dying. I have been apprenticing for a few years with death doulas and death midwives. I have co-led and can hold cross-generational or kin groups wanting to listen and share about all of our eventual dying.

  • Offering specific somatic-based workshops on things like solidarity bodies, working with the body’s developmental stages to understand leadership and group styles, and more. I have often been brought in to places that want to think or vision or strategize together or build trust or deepen relationships.

Some of the organizations I’ve recently worked with include Voices for Racial Justice, Nexus Community Partners, Headwaters Foundation, Heart of the Beast Theater, Astraea Foundation, Family Tree, aMaze, Pollen, Avenues for Homeless Youth, and Hennepin County.