my work with individuals.


The primary modality I use is craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on healing approach that uses several kinds of techniques to support your healing. These techniques may include touch, movement, visualization, talking, and mindfulness-based awareness. The primary goal of Craniosacral Therapy is to support and help engage your own body’s healing resources. I first encountered craniosacral therapy when my daughter received this support as an infant. I have studied craniosacral therapy since 2005 with The Milne Institute and Upledger. I am currently studying biodynamic craniosacral therapy through Body Intelligence in 2018 and 2019 as part of a cohort of people of color and Native people, queer and trans-identified people . I am also trained in the Global Somatics process and have learned from Generative Somatics T1 and T2.

Sessions are 90 minutes long. People I work with have come for sessions to focus on held trauma (individual, collective, generational and historical), on pain management and cessation, on shifting held patterns in the body, and for emotional and/or physiological integration.

I am also open to any questions and conversations about this strange thing called bodywork. There is a reason why every system of dominance works to control the body and turn it into an object. I am happy to take time and give attention towards anyone who is trying to find their way out of that, which can include just taking the time to explain what bodywork is.

I offer a sliding fee scale for a 90 minute session ($80 to $105) with $95 being the regular cost for a session.

I currently practice at the People’s Movement Center on 41st and Chicago in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, I rarely have openings for new clients. If you want to get on my waiting list or for more information, please contact me.

Mentoring/coaching - virtual and in person

I offer somatic coaching/mentoring sessions. These are sessions for people looking for support in their bodywork practice, for support on going into healing work or in bringing a healing justice frame to their work, support for people in leadership trying to shift their own patterns so they don’t hoist them on the people they work with, and for general "I am stuck help me get unstuck" kind of support. My training for this work includes the trauma integration elements of bodywork, Generative Somatics, and training through Coaching Essentials. It also includes 16 years of a practice focused on individual and collective bodywork. As I was putting together this section for my website, a beloved person in my life said, hmmmm, this section doesn’t fully explain that thing you do and why it’s powerful and why it matters. So here is what else I can say: this is time when I get to sit with you and listen for the histories that are showing up in your life, the places where deeply held beliefs that are older than insight are getting in your way, and support you to be right there, smack dab in the middle of your own life. If you are curious about this, contact me.