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Report back from Puerto Rico with Aurora Levins Morales. Video. August 2019.

Fortification: Spiritual Sustenance for Movement Leadership with Caitlin Breedlove. Two part episode. May and June 2019.

Healing justice. Beth Zemsky podcast. December 5, 2018

"We Moved Like We Needed Each Other: A Lineage Of Healing Justice — Cara Page & Susan Raffo," Healing Justice PodcastDecember 19, 2017.

Edited Books

Restricted Access: Lesbians on Disability. Co-edited with Victoria Brownworth. Seattle: Seal Press, 1999.

Queerly Classed: Gay Men and Lesbians on Class. Boston: South End Press, 1997.

Original Articles, Chapters, Poems, and Other Writing

Healing Justice: Building Power, Transforming Movements,” interview-based report on philanthropy and healing justice, written for Astraea Foundation for Justice. May 2019.

“What happens in my body when I choose you,” in Friendship as Social Justice Activism, University of Chicago Press, 2018.

“More than Skin Deep: Understanding the Deep Sources of White Resistance and Key Tools for Addressing It” with Heather Hackman, in Critical Multicultural Perspectives on Whiteness: from the past and present. Peter Lang Publishing, 2018.

Healing Justice is more than just words on a page. Nexus publications, 2017.

A love letter to white kin grappling with white supremacy. Daily Kos, 2017.

The sweet lull of white supremacy or why white people hate to be called white. Daily Kos, 2017.

Healing Justice for Black Lives Matters. Grassroots Fundraising Journal, 2016.

“Daily Living for Change” Bilerico, 2015.

"The Practical, Day-to-Day Details of Being Queer," Scholar and Feminist Online, Issue 10.1-10.2, Fall 2011/Spring 2012.

“Healing Justice at the US Social Forum: A Report from Atlanta, Detroit, and Beyond, with Cara Page. 2011.

What is happening in Madison is essentially a queer conversation. Bilerico, 2011.

“Resourcing: Fundraising as Part of Supporting and Building Community,” Grassroots Fundraising Journal, November-December, 2011.

On vacation with the bearded lady. Bilerico. April 2011.

“White Noise: White adults raising white children to resist white supremacy” 2010.

Good Medicine: Honoring Aurora Levins Morales through thought and action. Bilerico, 2010.

Again the South shall lead us. Bilerico, 2010.

“Shifting the Ritual of Thanksgiving, one child at a time” Bilerico, 2010.

Poverty, Public Assistance and Privatization: the queer case for a new commitment to economic justice. with Kay Whitlock for Queers for Economic Justice, 2009.

Radical acts of queer love: some lessons from September 11th. Bilerico 2009.

"Apéritif," in Night Shade: Gothic Tales by Women, co-edited by Victoria Brownsworth and Judith Redding. Seattle: Seal Press, 1999.

"Queering welfare reform," CGN: Gay Community News, Vol. 24, Iss. 2, 1998.

Also a range of other essays and articles in pre-internet locations. For an earlier rendition of my blog.